Hello, I'm Sarah.

I've dedicated my career to storytelling for nonprofits and social justice organizations, addressing gaps in areas such as criminal justice reform, healthcare, and education.

In 2014, I founded Make a Mark, a design marathon for nonprofits, efficiently growing it into a global effort. In 2018, I established Purpose Craft to offer affordable and focused design, development, and strategic communication services to nonprofits and social justice initiatives that need ongoing attention. In 2020, I created Limitless, a digital publication with various contributors with chronic conditions meant to tackle loneliness felt by those with chronic illness in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, my research focuses on inequalities in healthcare, particularly in regard to persons with disabilities and how society-wide inequalities contribute to further marginalization and discrimination within the healthcare system and across society more broadly. Within this field, I have conducted research on autonomy in medical decision making for those with chronic conditions, the impact of climate change on persons with disabilities, the connection between incarceration and diminishing health, and how technology can empower patients.

I love helping people and causes doing something meaningful in the world share their story. Want to work together? Get in touch.